How To Make Golden Espresso with Staresso


Rich Crema Coffee

What is Espresso?
Espresso is the golden coffee extraction liquid, it is generally thicker than coffee brewed by other methods, with a viscosity of warm honey. With its high density and strong aroma feature, espresso is the base of various coffee drinks, like latte, cappuccino, americano etc. First taste of this golden liquid, you might deeply fall in love with this magic feeling, with the bitterness and acidity strongly hitting your every taste buds.

A good cup of espresso would top with golden crema. Unlike pourover coffee, moka pot coffee, a typical shot espresso is 30ml, this coffee essence contains more caffein and flavors.


Portable espresso makers

What Machine to Make Golden Espresso
Generally making Espresso requires high temperature and pressure to extract compacted ground coffee. The most common machine for making golden espresso is by using espresso machine, however this machine tends to be expensive and inconvenient for the individual.

Now with Staresso’s creative design, you could make your own golden espresso with our RedDot Design Award Coffee Maker Product.

Small size High pressure Staresso coffee maker could create 15-20 bar pressure with bottle size only.

Portable and Detachable Fulfill your coffee liberty, you could have your own fresh coffee at home, at work or even outdoor. Every simple part is detachable, you don’t need to worry about the coffee fermentation due to the undetachable cleaning.

Handhold press to extract Simply pressing the plunger, you could make good espresso within 1 Minute. Meanwhile, you could control your coffee to be thick or bland, it’s all of fun!

Non-electric rich crema You make your own good coffee. Do you realize that you could be homebarista too? Americano, Latte, Affogato? These ain’t be a problem with excellent espresso.

Rich Crema Coffee2How To Make Golden Espresso with Staresso

1. Ground Coffee / Coffee Pod
2. Hot Water
3. Staresso Coffee Maker

1. Prewarm the coffee maker
2. Add 7-10 g ground coffee / coffee capsules into the coffee basket (Fine Grind with Deep Roast Fresh Ground Coffee would be better)
3. Pour 50-80 ml hot water into the water chamber
4. Start pressing the plunger
5. Now you have 25-30 ml Golden Espresso! 

 Learn more Staresso portable espresso machine

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