How to make Iced Americano with Staresso


Iced Lemon Americano

What is Americano?

Americano or American Coffee is one of the most popular coffee beverages. Unlike espresso, Americano provides soft coffee experience. If you are thinking espresso is too strong for you, then you could consider Caffè Americano. Not only it reminds abundant coffee flavor (bitterness, sourness), but also it is a long drink, you could enjoy the coffee moment for a long while.

Americano vs Long Black

The Story behind Americano
That’s a quite funny one. Though uncertain of its authority, here is the story. Way back to World War , American soldiers stationed in Italy found the Italian espresso was too strong to drink, thus they decided to add water to dilute it. The outcome was surprisingly good! The strong coffee flavor is still remained and it’s easier for people accept it. After this they named this as Americano! By now you could commonly see American Coffee in every Café.

Americano and Long Black differenceAmericano or Long Black?

Here is a tricky one and most people won’t notice this subtle difference. The subtle sequence of putting water or espresso at first could cause various tastes.

Left: Americano Right: Long black
Obviously long black has more crema than Americano. It's simply because long black would pour the espresso on the water, while Americano would do the contrary way. For the flavor, long black tastes stronger since espresso would slowly combine with water, while Americano tastes fresh. 


Iced American coffee

How to make Iced Americano & Lemon American Coffee with Staresso

  1. Prepare 250 ml iced water
  2. Make golden espresso with Staresso portable coffee maker
  3. Pour the espresso into the iced water.
  4. You nailed it! Easy chilling with iced coffee!

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