STARESSO x Will Edmond

#I Make My Own Coffee With Will

Our Collab

staresso coffee glass outdoor coffee maker

Brief Introduction

STARESSO is an international brand specializing in portable espresso maker since 2014. We invented a new hydraulic pressure system for our machine in 2013, that's how we make the creamy espresso relying on the high pressure 15-20 bar that the machine built.

However, we are too focusing on the product itself and ignore the social promotion. We have been developing the product. From plascitcs version to now metal version, we make our machine more safe and durable for our customer.

Make My Own Coffee With Will

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staresso apartment coffee machine
staresso coffee glass outdoor coffee maker

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About The Coupon & Tracking Referral Order

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Why STARESSO Special?

Staresso is a portable espresso maker. Unlike Aeropress, French Press here we are making condensed espresso. Unfortunately, most people don't have the concept of espresso and habit to drink espresso.

In fact, espresso is the coffee soul. Under the high pressure & temperature, the flavors and chemicals on the coffee beans could be largely extracted. And that's how we could visually view the fresh espresso is in golden color and top with coffee oil (the crema). In cafe, we make espresso with Italian Espresso Maker, then add milk/water to make latte, Americano, etc.

STARESSO creates a new solution for espresso, and even makes it cheaper &  portable. We could make either espresso with hot water or cold brew coffee with iced water. With Staresso, we could be a homebarista.

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