STARESSO (Mini) Portable Espresso Maker

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STARESSO MINI: The World’s Smallest Portable Espresso Maker
Make a barista-worthy espresso in seconds wherever you go with this powerful mini coffee machine. In just 1 minute, you can easily have A Good Cup of Coffee!
Staresso Mini Coffee Maker1Compact palm size coffee maker, you could easily take it with you! Travel journey, outdoors activity, daily work and study. Take with Staresso Mni travel coffee maker, any moment anywhere to enjoy fresh golden coffee. 

Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Reddot Award1STARESSO MINI is a Portable Espresso Maker, so it's easy to take it anywhere. After the first launch, it has been exported to 22 countries around the world. It's honored received the Red dot Award and the Best Seller Award on Amazon for 3 years. Therefore, Staresso Mini is well known as one of the most popular coffee machines. 

Staresso Mini 2021 New Features

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Feature1

    1. Compact

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Size1

    Staresso Mini fitting into the palm of your hand is the World's Smallest Espresso Maker. Have you ever seen such a small espresso machine?

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Size2

     It is 15x6 (cm) when collapsed and 25x6 (cm) when expanded.

    When not in use, Staresso Mini coffee machine is  is the size of a 250ml can of water so it's so convenient that you could take with in every trip.

    STARESSO Mini is the world’s smallest portable coffee maker, weighs 0.7lb(300g) and is the size of a 6in(15.2cm) cube, yet it has a 3.7fl oz(110ml) capacity which is much larger than most hand-operated units, thanks to its ingeniously transformable design.

    2. High Pressure

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Plunger1

    Rich crema coffee relies on the high pressure extraction.

    Staresso Mini works on pump force. With the patented innovative pumping system (15-20 bar pressure), you can make your espresso easily without electricity and power.

    The trick lies in its advanced hydraulic system which features two valves, one for building up pressure to a whopping 20 bar(290psi), two times higher than others; the other one for discharging the coffee once the pressure reaches beyond 15 bar(218psi).

    3. Non-electric Espresso Maker

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Crema1

    Look at this gorgeous crema!

    This camping coffee machine stands out from the crowd with its consistent production of creamy, flavorful espresso at the perfect extraction rate between 18 and 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort, even if you lack the grinding, tamping and brewing technique of a barista.

    Commonly for making rich crema espresso, you would need the professional Italian espresso machine. However, this machine tends to be big and needs to be charged with electricity. Considering Moka pot, it needs to be heated and not easy to control the extraction.

    Now take this non-electric espresso maker with you, you could make yourself awesome good coffee. Charging yourself Coffee Power.

    4. Innovative and safer materials

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Construction1

    Water Tank is made of Stainless Steel, which makes it be more durable and keep the water heat longer.

    The water basket is integrated with surface to reduce part loss and make it easier to clean.

    The cup holder is where the biggest pressure is, so Aluminum Alloy material will increase durability and limit breakage when used.

    STARESSO Mini is approved by FDA in U.S. and has earned certifications from equivalent agencies in many other countries like Japan and Korea. The silicone materials used in STARESSO Mini are of the same safety level as in baby bottles, while all the metal components are made of food-grade stainless steel.

    5. Compatible with both coffee powder and capsules  

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Capsule

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Grounds

    For the coffee pod recommend to use 5g Starbucks, Nespresso etc. For the coffee grounds recommend to use Salt Size.

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Capsule and grounds

    6. Time and cost saving

    How many times do you go to the coffee shop in a week? How much do you spend on coffee every week?

    If you drink coffee at the coffee shop every day, you will spend at least $1 for a cup of coffee. The cost will be $30 for a month and $60 for 2 months so it's approximately the price of Staresso Mini. 

    With STARESSO MINI, great espresso is always right at your fingertips, saving you time and money when you are on the go.

    7. Easy to use and clean 

    Easy to use in 3 steps! Assemble in just 5 seconds!

    Step 1: Add a capsule or 8-10 g of coffee powder into the filter and press tightly with a spoon or tamper. Put the flat surface of capsule facing downwards.

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Instruction1

    Step 2: Pour 50-80 ml of hot water into the water chamber.

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Instruction2

    Step 3: Assemble the remaining parts. Pump 10 to 15 times!

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Instruction3

    Immediately, you have a great cup! One shot espresso.

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Instruction4
    All part is detachable. Easy Wash Cleaning!
    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Cleaning1

    This outdoor espresso maker requires no battery or electricity to operate, and all the components are easily dismantled for a hassle-free cleaning by hand or by dishwasher.You can use the attached brush, clean water or dishwasher for cleaning the machine!
    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Parts

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Parts2

    8. Explore various coffee beverage

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Latte

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Latte2

    Come try to be a homebarista! With this perfect espresso, Americano, Affogato, Latte, Cappuccino these ain't be a problem! Check Staresoo Creative Recipe Series for more information.

    For latte lover, milk frother is necessary for the good latte. Here the plunger provides you an amateur option to make milk foam. (For more professional foam maker, please keep follow Staresso for new product release in few months.)

    Staresso Mini Coffee Maker Latte3

    9. Golden Espresso Skill

    There are two measure marks on the water chamber to indicate the maximum water levels for making Espresso and American coffee. Add water to the 50ml mark to get 25~30ml Espresso and the 80ml mark to get 55ml or more Americano.

    Use fresh ground coffee, salt size grounds would be favorable. Check Staresso Reddot award winner Discovery Grinder to help fulfill coffee liberty.