STARESSO (Basic) Portable Espresso Maker

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STARESSO BASIC: The perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts & Outdoor lovers
Compact design and professional brewing functions, Staresso Basic is good choice for your daily coffee and way to quality life. Try imagine your camper van life with awesome Staresso! Viewing beautiful scene while sipping excellent coffee.

Wondering you might be bored with the bland coffee made by French Press, Moka Pot etc. Come check how Red dot design award jury talked about Staresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker.Staresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker Reddot winner

Why choose Staresso Basic portable coffee maker?Staresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker Handdraft

This is a unique portable coffee maker that doesn’t even require you to use any kind of electricity to produce the perfect cup of espresso. You can brew your own coffee easily and manually with this portable espresso machine!

From 2014-2021 Staresso has been always improving our product, delivering reliable coffee product and providing outstanding customer service is always our ambition.

Staresso Basic Portable Coffee Machine 2021 New FeaturesStaresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker1

1. Portable Staresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker2

It only takes up little space. It weighs 0.97 lb, and it is small and compact (8x2.7 inches), but it can hold up to 80 ml water and a maximum of 0.53 ounces ground coffee.

With its compact feature, it's your best choice for Travel Coffee! Camping, Campervan, Outdoors etc. Let Staresso enhance your journey happiness. Also you could take Staresso with you at home, at work, at library etc. 

2. Strong PressureStaresso Basic Portable Espresso Coffee High Pressure

One of the key to make rich crema coffee bases on the pressure.

Staresso’s innovation system set the pressure as 15~20 bars, much higher than electric espresso machines. It requires no more than a few manual pumping to produce a pressure twice as high compared to the electric ones.

Moreover, with this high pressure design you could not only use hot water to get awesome espresso, but also could use cold water, soda drink, sprite etc. to extract! Expand your curiosity to the coffee journey.

3. Outstanding coffee qualityStaresso Basic Portable Espresso Golden CoffeeStaresso Basic Portable Espresso Coffee Crema

Look at this Golden Coffee!
Staresso camping coffee maker stands out from the crowd with its consistent production of creamy, flavorful espresso at the perfect extraction rate between 18 and 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort, even if you lack the grinding, tamping and brewing technique of a barista.

With this high quality coffee, you could easily set up your home cafe. Americano, Latte, Espresso matini these ain't be a problem. Even you wanna make coffee dessert like Tiramisu, Affogato. Staresso could fulfill your foodie dream.

4. Premium materialStaresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker3

Staresso Basic 2021 upgraded product material into durable and safe stainless steel. The inner metal material could better handle the hot water and high pressure, while the external plastics material could anti-sliding.

Meanwhile this travel coffee machine contains a beaker, it is for better observing the coffee extraction to avoid over extraction and under extraction. Perfect one shot espresso ranges from 25-30 ml. Pouring milk on it, it could be your perfect breakfast mate. The beaker is 150 ml.

5. Compatible with both coffee powder and capsules Staresso Basic Coffee Maker CapsuleStaresso Basic Coffee Maker Grounds

For the coffee pod recommend to use 5g Starbucks, Nespresso etc. For the coffee grounds recommend to use Salt Size.

Staresso Basic Coffee Maker Capsule and grounds

6. Time and cost saving

For coffee enthusiasts and beginner, Staresso Basic could greatly satisfy your caffeine addiction and curiosity.

If you drink coffee at the coffee shop every day, you will spend at least $1 for a cup of coffee. The cost will be $30 for a month and $60 for 2 months so it's approximately the price of Staresso Basic. 

Moreover, this backpacking coffee machine with water tank made of 304 stainless steel can be used for a long time.

7. Easy to use and clean Staresso is designed with a base to stand on a top. With this vertical pressing design, even the pressure is high, the base can save half of your power. In less one minute to get perfect fresh coffee.

Staresso Basic Coffee Maker Operation

Step 1: Spill 7g – 10g coffee powder over the basket
Step 2: Screw the coffee basket firmly
Step 3: Spill water over the chamber
Step 4: Release the button
Step 5: Press the button
Step 6: It’s time for you to enjoy coffee!

Staresso Basic Coffee Maker Cleaning1

All in one design make brewing espresso easy, while all components are detachable for entirely cleaning. Simply use water to flush them.

Staresso Basic Portable Espresso Maker Parts

8. Be homebarista 

Staresso Basic Coffee Maker Milk Frother

Sick of Black Coffee? No worries! Come try using the plunger to make Café au Lait. By pumping air into the hot milk, you could get the milkfoam. (It takes some time, Staresso would soon release milkfrother product in few months)

Meanwhile, good espresso is essential for coffee beverage. Let go the bland coffee made by French Press and take a try for this! You could make your own good home Starbucks Level Coffee too! Learn more Creative Recipe Series.

9. Golden Espresso Skill

There are two measure marks on the water chamber to indicate the maximum water levels for making Espresso and American coffee. Add water to the 50ml mark to get 25~30ml Espresso and the 80ml mark to get 55ml or more Americano.

Use fresh ground coffee, salt size grounds would be favorable. Check Staresso Reddot award winner Discovery Grinder to help fulfill coffee liberty.

Let’s enjoy good coffee with STARESSO