STARESSO Pro (Mirage) Portable Espresso Maker

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STARESSO PRO: Double Espresso, Double Happiness.

Staresso Pro is the third generation portable espresso machine with larger capacity and strong material. Its exquisite design is portable and detachable which allows you to start your awesome day at any time, any place.

Staresso Pro (Mirage) 2021 New Features1. Double Espresso, Double HappinessSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine1

Staresso Pro portable coffee machine has larger capacity. It could contain ground coffee 18-22g, water 180 ml 6.0 fl oz. Making 2 shots espresso greatly meets your caffeine addiction. Meanwhile, by putting 2 extra glasses under now you could share your coffee power with friends!

Besides, do you know most of coffee drinks base with 2 shots good espresso? Now you could easily become a professional homebarista with Staresso Mirage!

 2. Control the high pressureSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Pressure Regulator

Staresso Mirage allows you to control the pressure. When it's all tight you could get Rich Crema Espresso, and when it's less tight you could have bit bland coffee. (Strongly recommend to full tight)STARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Coffee PuckMeanwhile Pro Espresso Machine could make delicate Coffee Puck

After extraction you could loosen the pressure regulator and keep pumping till all the water is out, then you would harvest a perfect coffee cookie. For the coffee puck you could use it for fertilizer or purify air.

3. Rich crema espressoSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Coffee Crema

Look at the rich crema! As common knowledge crema relies on high pressure to extract the coffee essence. 

Staresso Mirage’s innovation system set the pressure as 15-20 bars, much higher than electric espresso machines. Simply by pressing the plunger to extract golden coffee, the vertical pressing design could largely save your strength and make good espresso within 1 minute. 

Besides, unlike typical espresso maker requires hot water to extract, Staresso Portable Espresso Maker could use hot & cold water, soda, tea to extract! Come and explore various coffee experiments.

4. Compact & Portable

STARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine2

Mirage Espresso Maker is compact with larger capacity, It weights 680 g with a foldable bracket and a serving cup which allows you to easy take away. Folded dimension 190x110x90 mm.STARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Beach Cofee

This travel coffee maker is non-electric product, you could simply put the coffee grounds on the coffee basket then you could enjoy the fresh espresso anyplace and any moment! Best travel coffee maker! In camper van trip, camping, hiking etc. Or even you could set one at home, at office. One little gadget could bring great happiness.

5. Excellent coffee qualitySTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Serving Cup

Pro outdoor coffee maker stands out from the crowd with its consistent production of creamy, flavorful espresso at the perfect extraction rate between 18 and 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort, even if you lack the grinding, tamping and brewing technique of a barista.

6. Homemade various beverageSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Coffee Drink

Do you know most coffee beverages base with 2 shots good espresso?

Latte, American coffee, Dirty coffee etc. with Staresso Pro these won't be a problem for you at all. Even at home you could make Starbucks level coffee. Click for Creative Recipe Series.

Staresso Pro Coffee Maker Latte3

By using the plunger pumping air into the hot milk, you could make milk foam! For professional milk frother product, Staresso would soon release, wait for it.

7. Premium material

STARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Premium Material

The product has FDA certificate, BPA free. Especially the water chamber has upgraded into stainless steel for better support high pressure and temperature. It's durable and reliable.

8. Easy to use and cleanSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Usage2STARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Usage3

Step 1: Fill up the coffee basket 18-22 g (Only support coffee grounds)

Step 2: Pour hot water 120-180 ml

Step 3: Pump it!

Step 4:  Perfect espresso you got.

For the cleaning all parts are detachable, simply water wash is enough. 

9. Golden Espresso SkillSTARESSO Pro Portable Espresso Machine Travel Coffee

Full tight the pressure regulator. Use fresh ground coffee, salt size grounds would be favorable. (Avoid using powder size grounds) Check Staresso Reddot award winner Discovery Grinder to help fulfill coffee liberty.