STARESSO Coffee Machine Reddot award 2016/2021 winner

Staresso is a standout manufacturer in the world of handcrafted coffee. Over the years, it has participated in numerous exhibitions, with the Red Dot Exhibition being the most notable. Staresso was awarded the Best Design Award at the Red Dot Exhibition in both 2016 and 2021. The Red Dot Exhibition is renowned for showcasing the most innovative technologies across various industries, providing an ideal platform for Staresso to demonstrate its absolute innovation and confidence in the coffee tools industry.


The Red Dot
At the 2016 Red Dot Exhibition, Mr. Li, the person in charge of Staresso, introduced Staresso’s most advanced design at the time to the audience. This design almost laid the foundation for the subsequent product development path and principles of Staresso. He also detailed Staresso’s brand story, product tonality, future development, and equally important: the forward-looking plan for the future. From a design perspective, Staresso’s innovative design indeed won it the most suitable prospects and path for its development.

Widely recognized
After winning the Red Dot Innovation Design Award again in 2021 for its innovative coffee beans grinder, Staresso has continued to win new honors and attention at exhibitions in recent years. The wide range of honors Staresso has won in the Asian region also proves the uniqueness of its design. It has indeed created a new field of coffee culture. As the pioneer of handcrafted boutique coffee, Staresso is leading this new type of coffee culture with strong momentum, thanks to its pursuit of innovative technology and the excellent performance of its products.

Staresso will continue the explore
With the continuous development of Staresso and the continuous expansion of its market influence, Staresso has gradually obtained the correct verification of its own positioning through market feedback. The positive response from the market is indeed the most affirmative answer to Staresso. It is believed that Staresso will continue to make the right decisions in the future and continue to bring positive and optimistic impacts to the entire industry trend.