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Grounds & Pods  Non-electric Easy Pressing Rich Crema Coffee
Espresso Coffee Making
Size Material
One Shot In 1 min Tin Size Food Safety

2021 Upgraded Version
All In Small One 
Staresso Mini coffee machine

Compact & Light As A Tin Of Coke  
This could be the smallest espresso maker you have ever seen, its size & weight as a tin of Coke. With this outstanding feature, you could always take it with you! Fulfill your coffee liberty at work, at home, in the library, and even outdoors. Check VIDEOS to see how pilot enjoy Staresso Coffee in the air. 

As the best travel coffee maker, Staresso mini have these fine features

① Support coffee grounds & capsules 
Friendly for camping using coffee pods.

② No limitation for the extraction temperature
Relying on the high pressure design, Staresso Mini could extract coffee at any temperature. Even using bottled water, you still could have rich crema coffee.

③ Transformable light body
When it's folded its size as tin, while it's unfold its size as bottle. More important is that it's lighter than a 330 ml tin coke. 

Rich & Thick Crema Espresso
Staresso Mini rich crema coffee makser

Espresso is the soul of coffee
Simply by pressing the plunger, it could produce 15-20 bar pressure, much higher than an electric espresso maker. It requires no more than a few manual pumping to make coffee in one minute.

Due to the high pressure,  flavors and chemicals inside the coffee could be largely released. No need barista's skill and expensive equipment, you could easily make your own high condensed Rich Crema Espresso at home.    

Easy To Use & Clean Up
Staresso Mini espresso machine usage

Four Steps To Use
1. Put on Coffee Grounds/Pods (Recommend Salt Size Grounds)
2. Assemble machine
3. Add hot water
4. Pressing (Vertical pressing design largely save your strength)

1. Easy water wash
2. All parts are detachable for deep cleaning
3. Premium material guarantee durable quality (BPA-free material & Stainless steel)
4. After cleaning could leave it dry naturally. The stainless steel material won't oxidize easily. However, oxidation could happen on most Aluminium Moka Pot.

Set Up Home Café
Staresso mini café au lait

With Staresso Mini you could make awesome espresso! Flat white, Latte, Tiramisu, etc these would be easy cake for you. Instead of going to Starbucks, why not stay home and make tasty beverages. Come charge coffee power with Staresso!

Tips: ① Using plunger to pump in the hot milk could make milk foam.
        ② Try to extract tea and add milk on, this milk tea tastes so good.
Model Mini (SP-200M)
Folded Size Ø2.75” x 5.9” Ø7 x 15 cm
Unfold Size Ø2.75” x 8.26” Ø7 x 21 cm
Net Weight 0.75 lb 340 g
Water Capacity 3.72 fl oz 110 ml
Compatibility Coffee Grounds Coffee Pods
Max Grounds 0.35 oz 10 g
Working Pressure 217 - 290 psi 15 - 20 bar
Package Item
Staresso-Mini-Portable-Espresso-Maker Staresso Mini Espresso Maker *1
Staresso-Mini-Portable-Espresso-Maker Carry Bag Carry Bag *1
Staresso-Mini-Portable-Espresso-Maker Towel Towel *1
Staresso-Coffee-Spoon Spoon *1
Staresso coffee brush Brush *1
Staresso mini coffee maker support coffee capsulesStaresso mini coffee maker support coffee pods
1. How good is the coffee?
The espresso extraction rate could range from 18 to 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort. For more real coffee details could check VIDEOS

2. How to make the golden espresso?
To make rich crema espresso, the grinding size plays an important role here. We would recommend you to use Salt Size Grounds. Please avoid using powder size grounds, it would cause hard pressing and not good coffee quality.
Could be compatible with Staresso Grinder to use.

3. Could I use Bottled/Tap Water to extract?
Yes, even with normal temperature liquid it could still make rich crema coffee relying on the high pressure. Besides, you could also creatively try using soda water, sprite, tea, etc. to extract. But surely extracting with hot water tastes the best.

4. Is it easy to make coffee?
Yes, it takes less than one minute to make coffee. Also, it won't require much strength due to the vertical pressing design.

5. Is the material safe?
Definitely, the external is made of BPA-free silicone material for anti-skidding & heat protection, while the internal is made of stainless steel for supporting high pressure  & preventing oxidation.

6. How is the shipping policy?
Learn the shipping policy & refund policy.

7. Still have questions about...
Message Staresso for more details, we would be glad to help. :')
Staresso mini dirty coffee made by portable coffee makerStaresso mini american coffee made by portable coffee maker
Travel with Staresso Mini portable coffee maker

You best mini espresso maker 

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STARESSO (Mini) Portable Espresso Maker
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