Staresso Portable Coffee Machine

Enjoy An Excellent Coffee With Staresso Portable Espresso Maker 

Any Time, Anywhere

Have fun with DIY and be your own coffee master- staresso espresso machine allows you to use ground coffee or capsules coffee as your preference. With this espresso maker, you can make a cup of espresso easily, and espresso can be expanded and developed into different coffee beverage, like Caffé Americano, Caffé Latte, Cappuccino and Macchiato, let you enjoy more DIY coffee fun.

Staresso Classic Portable Espresso Maker

Amazing 2 in 1 Design:Staresso Classic portable espresso maker compatible with max 10g ground coffee and coffee capsules, you can get a 35ml cup of espresso, and espresso is the basis of almost all fancy coffee, it can be combined with milk froth to make cappuccino, latte, macchiato. 

EASY TO USE :Would it be hard to pump? Nah. We are using a user-friendly vertical pressing and ergonomic design that could greatly save our strength, pressure is increased gradually by each pump, you can easily push the pump to the bottom. 

SAVE SPACE: Staresso classic coffee maker is compact and all-in-one, which breaks the limitation of space. You can use it in your small apartment, office, kitchen, and car, and you can enjoy fresh coffee at any time.

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Staresso Travel Portable Espresso Maker

The Smallest Portable Espresso Maker, Your Essential Coffee Partner for Travel

If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso while you travel, then our staresso travel portable coffee maker must be the perfect choice for you!

Unlike staresso classic, staresso travel is more lightweight and compact. The segmented body design is as easy to disassemble and assemble as a camera. You can make a cup of espresso coffee within 1 minutes.Likewise, staresso travel is compatible with both ground coffee and coffee capsules and is very easy to operate. Our patented pump ensures that you can consistently get a 35ml cup of real espresso at 15-20Bar pressure, with a stable and rich cream. 

STARESSO travel coffee maker is designed to be easily disassembled, it fits easily into the carrier box we provide. Does not require any power supply, with the high-quality and sturdy material,which can be safely put in your travel backpack. STARESSO Travel Espresso Maker provides the best solution for your travel coffee, you can enjoy real tasty hand espresso during your camping and traveling.

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Staresso Plus Portable Espresso Maker

Double Espresso Double Happiness, Perfect For Coffee Aficionados

Staresso plus portable espresso machine is really easy to use and interesting. Different from staresso classic and staresso travel, staresso plus has a larger capacity coffee basket and water tank,you can make two coffees at the same time, and meantime adjust the pressure of extracting coffee according to coffee varieties and personal favorite , then get the different tastes of espresso. 

Make a cup of successful espresso needs to extract about 20% of the best flavor substances in coffee powder. STARESSO Plus coffee maker uses segmented hydraulic extraction to generate 15-20Bar pressure, allowing users to easily realize coffee machines Gold extraction, rich in fat and clear visible, becomes a coffee master in seconds.

STARESSO Plus coffee maker adopt the main body separation design, users can freely use with the stand, two storage states, deformable folding, reducing space occupation. Each component of the coffee machine can be easily separated for deep cleaning.

Up to 24g of coffee powder can be put in one time, which can be used by 1-2 people, suitable as travel gadgets, car coffee maker, home, office, coffee gifts, gifts for coffee lovers. Convenient to carry, no need to use electricity, unlimited use.

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Rich & thick foam for real espresso

Staresso espresso coffee machine patented pump ensures that non-baristas can consistently get a 35ml cup of real espresso at 15-20Bar pressure, with a stable, thick layer and rich creama, which can give you the real espresso taste, just like the ones you can get from an authentic Italian cafe.

Enjoy Espresso Anywhere Anytime