STARESSO Pour Over Metal Coffee Filter

Double Espresso Double Happiness, Perfect For Coffee Aficionados

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Product Description

Reusable Metal Coffee Filter

Sturdy stainless steel material
Light enough to take on the go
Double layers whirlwind desian
Multiple sizes to meet needs

Enjoy Excellent Pourover Coffee

Internal layer 800 mesh (0.018mm) stops all micro-grounds from getting into your mug
External layer spiral design lets out air and steam to fasten the brewing process
Paper filters are not needed here, remain the pure coffee taste
Quick brew clean & tasty coffee with STARESSO

Multiple Sizes To Meet Needs

Place the filter on a glass, mug, cup, or carafe
Fill coffee grounds & water to brew pour over coffee
A: Small Size for 1-2 cups
B: Big Size for 1-4 cups
C: Big Size With Base for 1-4 cups (The Base is not detachable)

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