Staresso 2 Free Upgrade 

Dear Staries,

Since 2013, Staresso has established a team for product development and patent application, and by 2023 it will usher in the tenth anniversary of Staresso! As a small team, product innovation is inevitably imperfect and requires continuous optimization and iteration. Fortunately, we have received sincere constructive feedback and tolerance from users, which has enabled Staresso to snowball in the past ten years. In 2022, Staresso’s portable hand-held coffee machine has just been fully optimized and upgraded and has been verified by a large number of users. Therefore, we will gift to the old users of the early Staresso 2 (SP-200/SP-200M) to show our respect and thanks before we officially launch the 10th-anniversary event in 2023!




Target audience:  All Staresso 2 (SP-200/SP-200M) customers (The old model with the spout on the bottom cover)

Reward content:  Free new coffee basket for Staresso 2 + a set of open bottom cover + our 2023 game activity card

Activity Duration: January 7, 2023, to May 7, 2023

Ways to redeem:  Fill in the redeem form below to redeem the gift

Event Description:  1. After receiving your registration information, we will try to send out the upgrade accessories within two week. However, there might be a slight delay due to the epidemic and other shipping issues
                                   2. If you have friends who are also using the old version of the second generation or mini version, please help to tell them to participate in the free upgrade activity

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Thank you for all the continuous support to Staresso!