Reduce, Reuse, Refill your cups.

All Taste, No Waste.  Save the World with Staresso.

Eliminate Disposable Paper Cups

According to the statistics, 16 billion paper cups are used for coffee every single year, which leads to 6.5 million trees being cut down, and 4 billion gallons of water going to waste. OUTIN Nano has its own cup, which does not require coffee lovers to carry disposable paper cups, reducing the amount of non-degradable environmental waste. For every OUTIN brew, 1 paper cup can be saved, which reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1kg over the course of a year.

Save Daily Coffee Expenditure

Coffee consumption statistics show that around 30-40% of the world’s population consume coffee every day, while in the USA, these figures are much higher and equate to about 65% of the total population. With such considerable daily coffee consumption, Yearly Coffee-spending trends to an indispensable part of the annual cost. According to research, ages between 25 and 34 years spend on average $2,008 yearly at coffee shops. Investing in one portable coffee machine can largely cut down the daily expenditure on coffee, and also make your own effort to limit the number of cups used on this planet.

Doing the right thing for Mother Earth


Eco-friendly Materials

ABS plastic, an opaque thermoplastic recyclable plastic, is used for the body of our products. Food-grade ABS plastics are aconsumest and foremost FDA food safe approved. ABS Plastic is able to withstand multiple heating and cooling and boasts reasonable production costs for a robust, aesthetically pleasing construction. It is eco-friendly and has low thermal and electrical conductivity, which is particularly helpful for products that require electrical insulation protection. 

Save Time for Queuing

Everyone must experience the long lines beside the counter of a coffee shop. Long lines at coffee chain stores haven't gone away. The line has now shifted from the cash register to the counter where drinks are actually served. Based on 2021's customer research in America, the average time for waiting for a coffee at coffee shops is around 6 minutes. However, coffee has become a necessity for different identities beyond the thoughts of consumer goods, and we have a solution for you.

So, is there a coffee machine that allows you to enjoy high-quality coffee anytime, anywhere while also reducing its environmental impact? The answer is yes, and that's the Staresso coffee machine. The Staresso coffee machine is a portable manual coffee maker that operates without electricity. With manual pressure, it can produce rich and aromatic Italian-style espresso, cappuccino, cold brew, and various other coffee beverages. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry, allowing you to indulge in the pleasure of coffee whether you're at home, in the office, traveling, or camping.

The Staresso coffee machine is not only portable but also highly eco-friendly. It utilizes a significant amount of environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable plastics, low-pollution metals, and materials that prioritize animal welfare. These materials undergo rigorous environmental testing and certification, ensuring they pose no harm to human health or the environment.

The Staresso coffee machine is compatible with both coffee grounds and coffee capsules. The coffee capsules are made from biodegradable cornstarch, eliminating the generation of plastic waste. The design of the Staresso coffee machine also takes into account energy and water conservation. With a water tank capacity of only 80ml, it can brew a single cup of coffee each time, minimizing water waste. Additionally, the machine's pressure can reach 15-20 bars, surpassing the typical coffee machine by a considerable margin. This means it can produce more concentrated coffee using less coffee grounds and water, ultimately saving on coffee bean consumption.

The Staresso coffee machine is sure to be your ideal choice.