STARESSO Discovery Coffee Grinder

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Staresso Discovery Serial Coffee Bean Grinder
Red Dot design award 2021 winner

    Staresso Discovery Coffee Grinder Features Staresso coffee grinder1

    1. Compact & PortableStaresso manual coffee grinder Compact

    Staresso manual coffee grinder weighs only 469 g with dimension 164x48 mm.

    The compact design is friendly for manual grinding. When grinding you won't feel the muscle sore caused by tight holding, also even for girl's small palm is easy to hold it.Staresso manual coffee grinder8

    Besides, if you wanna pursue the freshest coffee. You could pack the non-electric coffee grinder with storage bag then take the manual grinder to your outdoor activity. Staresso manual coffee grinder structure1

    The handle and body could be easy separated and the coffee beans could be stored inside the bean tank. The bean tank with lid not only could avoid the coffee beans spilling everywhere when grinding, but also greatly lock the coffee aroma inside the grinder!

    2. Allow to adjust grinding sizeStaresso coffee grinder3

    Easy to adjust grind size and position quickly.

    Allows to adjust to every size of grinding which meets the requirements of professional coffee brewing machines such as Moka pot, Staresso, Pour over, etc.

    Stareso has been equipped with an intuitive dial switch with 11 levels of grinding so you can easily brew your own delicious coffee using a variety of tools.

    Simply turn the switch to the grinding grinding level compatible with your coffee maker.
    Degree 1-3 for Steam espresso machine
    Degree 3-5 for Staresso portable espresso maker & Moka pot
    Degree 6-9 for Hand drip coffee
    Degree 9-11 for Frensh press
    This is a real picture of coffee powder ground by the Staresso Grinder with different grinding sizes.

    3. Keep the right taste of coffee and eliminate fine powerStaresso coffee grinder coffee grounds

    It is a kind of powder produced during the grinding process. In the case of a manual blender, the amount of fine powder is often inconsistent with each grinding. It is very small, but it has a huge impact on the coffee taste.

    It's assumed that the coffee taste will be bitter if a lot of fine powders exist, but the proper grinding will make it taste richer.

    The Staresso Hand Grinder will help you find your own coffee flavor because you can easily adjust the grinding level you want. It is the only grinder having this function!

    Staresso manual coffee grinder4

    Upon shaking the basket, fine powder will fall offStaresso coffee grinder coffee grounds2

    4. Easy to grind

    Staresso coffee grinder2

    Using only 2 fingers to hold the handle and rotate it around the axis, you can easily grind your favorite coffee powder.

    Because the body is relatively small without supporting the part, you must take a little effort to grind and  it's not heavy. So simple to grind each bean with the Staresso Grinder!
    Staresso manual coffee grinder3
    Coffee grinders usually have 3 to 4 interlocking parts so consuming a lot of energy is inevitable.

    But for the Staresso Portable Coffee Grinder, minimizing parts through precise design reduces force. As a result, when rotating the handle, the force will be applied directly to the edge in order to grind more comfortable.
    Staresso manual coffee grinder structure

    5. Sophisticated design premium materialStaresso manual coffee grinder structure1

    The Staresso Grinder is exquisitely designed and Burr is made from Swiss steel.
    Staresso manual coffee grinder material
    The blade and bezel are the core parts of the  grinder. The Staresso Coffee Mill has applied these two parts to make the grind stronger and more precise.

    First, it is produced by 5-axis CNC (digital cutting process controlled by computer) unlike the grinding method of common grinders, which can help you grind coffee beans much more precisely.

    In addition, with the premiun material including Swiss steel burr ensures grinding more equal than Stainless Steel or Conventional Ceramic bezel.
    Staresso manual coffee grinder4
    High hardness Swiss Steel
    Staresso manual coffee grinder6
    Did you know that grinding coffee beans causes heat generated by friction making the bezel be hot? If heat is not cooled, static electricity can build up and affect the taste of coffee.

    Because the body is made of metal so it cools this excess heat faster than other materials (plastics, etc.). In addition, it is designed in a unibody form which creates an attractive design for a more beautiful appearance.

    The handle is also made of premium steel, so it looks luxurious and give a feeling of firm grip. Therefore, the Staresso portable coffee mill is the best choice for you to enjoy the taste and beauty of your coffee at the same time.

    6. Easy to assemble & disassemble Staresso manual coffee grinder7

    Easy cleaning with brush.

    Enjoy the Freshest Coffee with Staresso Discovery Grinder!Staresso manual coffee grinder9