STARESSO Discovery Grinder

Brew A Consistent Coffee With Staresso Discovery Grinder,Gives you an excellent grinding experience

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Product Description

Your Portable Manual Grinder

Staresso Discovery manual coffee grinder, no battery, power supply or power cord required. The detachable hand crank structure greatly reduces the damage to the internal burrs caused by external shocks, and rugged and handy grinder perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking.

More Professional Grinding Experience

The grinding scale of the staresso discovery coffee grinder can be adjusted from 0-12. One-step adjustment can accurately obtain fine or coarse coffee grains. It can be used with the built-in powder Filter to flexibly remove the fine powder, which can meet the needs of espresso coffee, hand drip and French press for flavor.

Discover The New Innovation and All Metal Material

Staresso discovery coffee grinder use of space aluminum all-metal main body makes it better to dissipate heat during the grinding process and avoid excessive oxidation and excessive sourness. Perfectly retain the original flavor of ground coffee!



STARESSO Discovery Grinder

frequently Asked Questions

Sure,from 0-11, there are a total of 12 gears to meet your needs for various coffee extraction methods. With the graduated coarseness adjuster, the grinding size is very clear.Every grinding setting meets the requirements of professional coffee brewing machines.

Degree 1-3 for Steam espresso machine Degree 3-5 for Staresso portable espresso maker & Moka pot Degree 6-9 for Hand drip coffee Degree 10-12(0) for French

The staresso discovery grinder has 12 levels of particle size adjustment, which can be used from fine-grained espresso coffee to coarse-grained French press.

Staresso discovery grinder is very simple and convenient to use. Open the upper cover at the top to pour coffee beans. After unscrew the bottom powder bucket counterclockwise, you can find that there is a knob at the bottom of the main body of the grinder to adjust the grinding granularity. After adjusting the scale you need first, turn the handle until there is no obvious resistance, the grinding is complete.

The capacity of staresso discovery manula grinder is 20g

The more you loosen up the knob, the coarser you grind. Adjust the knob counter clockwise from 11 to 0, degree 0 is the coarsest. Instead, adjust the knob clockwise from 1 to 0, degree 0 is the finest at this point. (Do not recommend using the finest degree 0)

Using the brush provided to clean is enough.Please avoid rinsing the metal grinder.

When your right hand is spinning the handle in a clockwise direction, do not fix your left hand but try to move with the clockwise rhythm

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Customer Reviews

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Mujahid Mujahid Fajrul Manan
Hand grinder

Good product and does not disappoint.

Best little coffee grinder I've tried so far.

I've used another hand crank grinder the on appearance looked better but the fat in the Nibs clogged it up. I've used an electric grinder in a blender but you can't control the size of the grind and the fat causes it to clump and stick to the sides of the grinder. This one does both, regulates the size which I neglected to show in the video but it is the typical adjustment on the grinder bottom. And, as you see, it grinds the whole batch without getting clogged. The body is solid, machined out of aluminum. The grinder itself, I believe is stainless steel. This is my best hand crank grinder.

Ben Pearson
Great for the price

Great quality and is comfortable to use. The consistency of the grind is great. Would recommend to anyone looking at more expensive grinders like the comandante. I found setting ‘2’ to be right for pour over and aero press brewing.

Well made grinder

Well built, different granularity choices works great. A little bit pricey though. Will use more and update the durability.

Update after using this tool for a while:

1. Build quality is really good , excellent finish.

2. The granularity is very easy to control and the output is super consistent.

3. Easy to clean. Which is a big plus for me , barely observed any leftover powder in the machine.

Justin M
Makes me feel fancy

My old electric coffee grinder is nice but it didn't really have the ability to really dial in a grit level. I just had to wing it and pulse for a coarser grind and then just hold it for a finer grind. It was what I had, and I made it work, but then the motor died. Once that happened, I started looking at replacements and this one kinda stood out to me.

I like that it's manual - no motor to blow out. I like the look of it - feels fancy and the build quality is super nice. Most of all, I like being able to dial in the grind that I want and then just grind away. It's much faster and easier than I anticipated when I opened it. minimal effort, although more than with an electric grinder lol. But at least you don't have to pay such close attention to how it's grinding.

I paired this with portable coffee maker, and pressing out the coffee that is freshly ground a few seconds before just makes the experience so much nicer. Also, both of these items are super portable, and like I mentioned earlier - manual. So they're great for traveling or camping or road tripping, with no electronics to fail. Really dig this setup.

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