STARESSO Discovery Coffee Grinder

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Powder Sifter Metal Body
Beans Capacity Grinding Size
Grinding Size
Max 20 g 12 Degrees In 1 min Hand Size
2021 German Red Dot Design Award Winner 
Compact & Fancy Design
Staresso small coffee grinder

Size small as Palm, Weight light as iPad.
Discovery Grinder could be your portable manual coffee grinder. With the detachable handle, you could easily pack the grinder into the carry bag. 

Featured with Cyan Color Body with vertical stripes, Staresso Grinder is easy to hold and not easy to slip. 

Easy T
o Adjust Grinding Size
Staresso handy grinder

12 Degrees To Choose
With the graduated coarseness adjuster, the grinding size is very clear. No more wasting time in zero calibration. Every grinding setting meets the requirements of professional coffee brewing machines.

Degree 1-3 for Steam espresso machine
Degree 3-5 for Staresso portable espresso maker & Moka pot
Degree 6-9 for Hand drip coffee
Degree 10-12 for French press

This is a real picture of coffee powder ground by the Staresso Grinder with different grinding sizes.
Staresso discovery grinder grinding size

Remove The Finest Powder 

Inbuilt sifter could help separate the finest coffee grounds when grinding. Do you know finest grounds have a huge impact on the coffee taste?

On one hand, it is the main source for the Flavor & Body. On the other hand, the finest grounds could easily block the filter and cause OverextractionIt's assumed that the coffee taste will be bitter if a lot of fine powders exist, but the proper amount would make it taste richer.

Sophisticated Design & Premium Material

Staresso discovery grinder parts

Discovery Grinder is designed with Full Metal Body. This not only shortens the grinding time by the sharp burr, but also could greatly absorb the grinding heat. Besides, Discovery Grinder provides a fully enclosed environment, this tightly locks the Fragrance inside the grinder.

Even Grinding Is Essential

Dual bearings design to fix the center shaft, this could make sure the shaft spin smoothly with high centricity.

Coffee grinders usually have 3 to 4 interlocking parts so consuming a lot of energy is inevitable. But for the Staresso Portable Coffee Grinder, minimizing parts through precise design reduces force. As a result, when rotating the handle, the force will be applied directly to the edge in order to grind more comfortable.
Model Discovery
Size Ø1.97” x 6.5” Ø5 x 16.5 cm
Net Weight 1.1 lb 510 g
Max Grounds 0.035 oz 20 g
Body: Aluminum Alloy Burr: Stainless Steel Handle: Peach Wood
Package Item
Staresso-portable-coffee-grinder Staresso Discovery Grinder *1
Staresso grinder carry bag Carry Bag *1
Staresso grinder brush Grinder Brush *1
Staresso coffee brush Brush *1

Staresso-manual-coffee-grinder-with-lidStaresso discovery grinder metal body 
1. How to use the coffee grinder?
① Open the lid and put the beans on the body
② Assemble the handle then adjust the grinding size
③ Start grinding

2. How to set degree 12 on the coarseness adjuster?
Adjust the knob counterclockwise from 11 to 0, degree 0 is the coarsest. Instead adjust the knob clockwise from1 to 0, degree 0 is the finest at this point. (Do not recommend using the finest degree 0)

3. How to use the finest powder on the sifter?
For the pour over coffee, we would recommend putting them on when you're about to finish the brewing.
For the Staresso portable espresso maker, we would recommend putting them in the middle of the coffee basket.

4. How to save strength when grinding?
When your right hand is spinning the handle in a clockwise direction, do not fix your left hand but try to move with the clockwise rhythm.

5. How to clean the grinder?
Use the brush provided to clean is enough. Do not water wash the metal grinder.

6. How is the shipping policy?
Learn the shipping policy & refund policy.

7. Still have questions about...
Message Staresso for more details, we would be glad to help. :')
Staresso discovery grinder hand dripStaresso discovery grinder light weight

Enjoy the freshest coffee with Staresso

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STARESSO Discovery Coffee Grinder
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