STARESSO Classic Portable Espresso Machine

Enjoy An Excellent Coffee With Staresso Classic Portable Espresso Maker Any Time, Anywhere

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Your Portable Espresso Machine

Staresso Classic portable espresso machine compatible with both capsules and coffee powder. The coffee basket can hold 10g of coffee powder or 5-6g of capsules, while the water tank can hold 80ml of boiling water or ice water, enabling you to effortlessly make 30-50ml of espresso with a generous crema. You can use this outdoor coffee maker in your small apartment, office and car, and enjoy a fresh coffee at any time.

Quick Brew Golden and Rich Coffee

With the original patented design of segmented pressure making, The Staresso Classic is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 20 bars (290PSI) of pressure for get rich oil and fruit flavor and achieve the golden extraction rate of coffee.

Easy to Use and Save Your Time

No need for batteries or electricity, manual operation only! Easily complete a standard espresso in 2 minutes., Staresso Classic outdoor coffee maker makes it effortless to enjoy delicious coffee wherever you are. It perfect for the traveling, office , camping, boating and more. Choose Staresso Classic for a more liberating coffee experience.


Staresso Classic/Basic | Brewing Guide

"Staresso classic produces some great tasting espresso for those looking to take coffee on the go with them or keep a tiny set up at home."

Nomad Coffee Club


Find out how easy it is to use the Staresso Discovery Manual Coffee Grinder and get the perfect grind for your preferred brewing method.




STARESSO Classic Portable Espresso Machine

frequently Asked Questions

The espresso extraction rate could range from 18 to 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort. Staresso Pro has a pressurized filter basket with a valve, meaning the pressure builds as you plunge. Once it attains the 15-20 bar pressure, the valve releases the coffee and extracts the oil and flavor from the puck. Because the pressure is high, you can use the Staresso Mini to make either espresso with hot water or cold brew coffee with iced water.

More details on STARESSO Technology

Yes, Staresso Basic is extremely user-friendly. It takes less than one minute to make coffee. Also, it won't require much strength due to the vertical pressing design.

It makes one cup(35ml) at a time.

Yes, but you have to use a fine grind and you have to pack it tightly. If done properly, it is fantastic espresso.

About 2 minutes for entire process, 40 seconds or less for the pumping.

We recommend using Medium-Fine grind size coffee grounds to brew. The Medium-Fine grind size is a staple grind size, with texture like table salt. Fine grind size is acceptable, but not recommended, since it tends to be hard to press and clean.

Compatible brand: Nespresso, Nespressp, Lor, Peets, Lavazz, Kimbo. Coffee pod 5-6g. Incompatible brand: K-cup, Dolce Gusto, Illy.

Add hot water and you have a hot espresso. You can also use cold water to make a cold espresso.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Rosario Díaz
Golden as the cream of the coffee!

I'm loving it. The perks doesn't even count when you acknowledge the practical, beautiful, and useful this is.
And yeeees, this is my first homemade afogatto, and I loved it.

Excellent, until ...

... washing the (head of the) plunger after using it to tamp the grounds (as shown in the video 'basic operation and maintenance' in the support section). What is not showing in that video or the FAQ is that there is a rubber valve in the plungers plastic head, see my picture. If that valve is not working (allowing air to pass through), the water runs straight through the chamber making usual coffee because the plunger is not able to build up pressure. The solution was to push the valve up carefully, take it out and clean/dry it before putting it back in. That should be documented in the FAQ and the valve be available as spare part (in the event that grounds are stuck in it)...
Despite that experience a wonderful product with a great design. I'd wish the capsule sleeve's piercing needles for coffee pods would be a bit more sturdy, some pods come with a thicker wall, so the needles of this cage sometimes bend, not able to pierce the pods' wall - I need to use a reamer or needle to pierce the pod manually. (My SP-200 has no piercing needle in the gasket like shown in the video but a separate capsule sleeve instead.)

Awesome portable espresso maker!

Excellent far! Seems well made!
The quality of shot from the Staresso is very good (even with the pre-ground espresso that I had on hand). Shots are amazing with fresh roasted and ground beans! Beautiful rich, thick creama, even with pre-ground espresso! So far, I have made 25+ shot of espresso with this machine..all shots were very drinkable! Not too bad for a portable, no electricity needed espresso maker!
I'll be making espresso next time my electricity goes out! The Staresso and a brick of espresso will be part of my "sanity" survival kit!
My only complaint: I wish the base could accommodate any size espresso cup, pulling shots directly into a cup of choice would make this device perfect! I can hold it and pump into a cup easily enough, but a base to accomplish this would be awesome!
I've used several other portable hand pump espresso machines, this one is the most consistent and produces the most flavorful shots! If you are a espresso drinker, I highly recommend this device!

Rabbit Lin
This portable espresso maker is really convenient

With STARESSO we can make espresso and even Affogato any time we want to!

Shanil Kothari
Great option for trips and portable use

It's a portable espresso maker and it's the size of a small water bottle. It is manual so pour in hot water and the top and use the pump to create some pressure and pull the espresso shot.
The espresso does come out nice but it's dependent on what grounds you use.
The build quality of the product is pretty good and seems sturdy enough. The parts all come off so you can clean them often.
Overall, I think it's a good product if you use it for traveling or camping and want to have some espresso on the go. It needs some preparing but it gets the work done.

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